Invisalign® procedure


  1. VISIT GLO FOR A FREE CONSULTATION A friendly team member will take digital photos and x-rays of your current smile. Then, one of our doctors will perform an exam to help develop a treatment plan. We’ll go over the details, including timelines, cost, insurance, and flexible financing options.

  2. HIGH-TECH IMAGING We’ll take a 3D image of your mouth using our iTero scanner. This painless process uses software to build a model of your mouth, allowing us to put each tooth into its proper spot. We can even show you what your new, beautiful smile will look like using our Invisalign® Outcome Simulator!

  3. PICK UP YOUR CUSTOM INVISALIGN® ALIGNERS We’ll have a series of custom, clear, BPA-free Invisalign® aligners ready for you. Each system contains a few spares. Take them out to eat or drink, for dental hygiene, or playing contact sports, and wear them the rest of the time.

  4. GO WITH THE PLAN While your aligners don’t require adjustments, we would still like to see you every 10 weeks or so to gauge your progress. As you swap out your aligners as your treatment plan dictates, you will see your new smile taking shape.

  5. SHOW OFF THAT NEW SMILE While you’re showing off your new smile, we’ll design a custom retainer to make certain that you keep it. Most patients will only need to wear it at night.